To a New Beginning...

                                                     If not now, when?

Hello Everyone! I Welcome you all to my blog 'The Law Bug'. This is not my first time in this platform and that it was exactly a year back when I started my blog in the name of 'Youthopedia' which did receive a good number of responses but eventually I myself started getting busy with my boards and my entrance examinations that I eventually had to leave  Youthopedia and I still regret losing it but certainly my sacrifice and hard work did pay off and currently I am pursuing BA LLB(H.) from Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

Legum Baccalaureus! Did you get it? It took me 19 years until I came to know about the actual full form of the degree "LLB". Certainly, I would have never bothered to know about what actually it stands for. Since my 8th standard, I had a keen interest towards joining politics and that I thank my school and my secondary college for encouraging me in participating in various Debating Competitions and exposing me to the depth knowledge of the Politics. I would say it was just a seed which my school and secondary college sowed and Symbiosis has started pouring actual skills of becoming a good politician or a 'representative of the people'. Now you must be wondering that why am I studying law if I always wanted to join politics. Honestly, belonging to a nation where everyone considers politics to be a curse to democracy or considers politics to be 'dirty', it is the responsibility of young budding generation to stand and remove the myth of 'dirt' from the name of politics. I consider that no other person can understand the deep grievances of his people than a lawyer can. Here I want to like to mention that I am not trying to defame any other person choosing other profession to serve his people, but what I have seen from my very own experience that a lawyer lives among his people and understands their pain thoroughly and that tries his best to address those in the court of law and brings relief and justice to those who are put behind.  

Currently I am in my first year quarantined in my own room dealing with online assignments, online classes, online vivas and lot more. But what after that? I decided to start my long left dream in the name of 'the law bug' where I will try to put my views, my opinions and my understanding of law and current legal issues across the nation and beyond. My blog is open to criticism and that everyone is welcome to join my blog and share their views and opinions on various legal issues. Sometimes we can grab a cup of coffee well either Dalgona or Adrak wali chai, doesn't matter! and can have a social distancing discussion online here through this blog.

Until then, stay safe and stay healthy!

Lots of love

Bandana :)